Academic Calendar 2019

Foundation Course

2019 Dates

Start: Monday 4th February

End: Friday 8th March


Diploma Course

Academic Calendar 2019 – Diploma Course 6-12

Term 1, 2019

Start: Monday 11th March

End: Thursday 11th April

Term 2, 2019

Start: Monday 29th April

End: Friday 5th July


  • Monday 20th May to Friday 31st May

Term 3, 2019

Start: Monday 22nd July

End: Friday 27th September


  • Monday 12th August to Friday 16th August

Practice Teaching:

  • Monday 9th September to Friday 20th September

Term 4, 2019

Start: Monday 14th October

End: Graduation Day – Monday 18th November 

Practice Teaching:

  • Monday 21st October to Friday 1st November


Assistants Course

2019 Dates TBA