Career Opportunities

Why become a Montessori teacher?

Montessori training is a transformative journey that deepens one’s understanding of the potential of all children and believing in their ability to transform our world.

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.

Maria Montessori

Montessori teachers love their work, they find inspiration, joy and deep satisfaction working with children. We are far more likely to be successful in an occupation we are passionate about.

AMI certification is a passport to the world, you hold an internationally recognised Montessori Diploma. This gives you the opportunity to teach at AMI Montessori schools around the world. Educating children in this unique way connects you to an International Montessori community, joining a group of like-minded people working with great humility and respect for the child and the education of our next generation of world changers!

There is high demand for trained Montessori educators for all age levels, with a particular need within Montessori Primary Schools. Many current Australian Primary trained Montessori educators have been required to travel overseas to complete diploma courses.  In recent years the introduction of a block-mode part time diploma course has been welcomed. The establishment of the Sydney Montessori Training Centre (SMTC) now enables full-time course delivery, imperative in advancing Montessori education within the Australian context.

Course participants may pursue training sponsorship opportunities advertised on this site.