Assistants to Infancy (0-3) Certificate

AMI Montessori Assistants to Infancy (0-3) Certificate

Course Description

The Association Montessori Internationale Assistants to Infancy Course is intended as an introduction to the philosophy and practice of the Montessori approach for the child under the age of three. This course is helpful for administrators, classroom assistants, nannies, doulas, carers and childcare professionals and anyone interested in human development in the critical first years of life. It is an invaluable insight into the child for parents, parents-to-be and grandparents. It is an ideal foundation for those who may be interested in taking the AMI Assistants to Infancy training (studying pregnancy, birth and the child until the age of three).

Course content includes reading and discussion on Montessori pedagogy such as freedom and self-discipline, the importance of the prepared environment, the role of the adult and order. Toileting, movement and language are also studied as they contribute to a child’s independent development.


AMI Montessori Assistants to Infancy Certificate

Qualification Authorising Body

Association Montessori Internationale

The Certificate is awarded by the Association Montessori Internationale and does not form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

AMI is considered the worldwide leader in Montessori education. Its certified training is acknowledged for its rigour and the Certificate is internationally recognised. It qualifies the holder to assist in a 0-3 Montessori classroom.

The Certificate does not automatically qualify the holder to educate as an early childcare worker or assistant in other educational settings. The state or country in which the Diploma-holder wishes to work may have other assistant requirements that must be fulfilled.

Delivery Mode

The course components include lecture, reading and discussion and practical activities for a total of 60 hours. One hour of observation will take place in the class and eight hours are to be completed outside of class time. Assessment is based on written observations and written essays based on lectures.

On campus

  • 60 hours of classroom based training part-time over alternate Friday evenings (4:00pm to 8:00pm) and Saturdays (9:00am to 4:00pm)
  • 9 hours of observations in a 0-3 setting – one hour during the course and eight hours subsequent to the classroom based training

Entry Requirement

By application via the SMTC Application Form for Foundation and Certificate Courses.

Course Dates 2020

Future dates to be published soon.

For a full outline of the course delivery and units download the SMTC Assistants to Infancy Certificate Course Outline.