International Students- Visas and travel restrictions

COVID-19 impacts – Overseas students

Australia has strict COVID-19 related border measures in place to protect the health of the Australian  community. There may be border entry restrictions which may impact your application for this  course. Please refer to the Department of Home Affairs for information regarding current travel  restrictions into Australia, including details of exempt categories. 

If you are based overseas at the time you make your SMTC application, SMTC will require written  evidence that you can enter Australia prior to advancing your application. This includes: 

  • a copy of your passport and/or VISA; 
  • a letter from you explaining the basis on which you consider you have the right to enter  Australia or written confirmation from the Australian Department of Home Affairs that you  are able to enter Australia; and 
  • a letter from you confirming the number of flights you intend to take to and from Australia  during the course, an anticipated flight and quarantine itinerary for your visits to Australia  and confirmation that you have estimated and considered the potential associated costs. 

If your documentation shows us that you are eligible to be granted entry into Australia and to attend  in-person blocks, please note the following: 



  • If you are not an Australian citizen or resident or New Zealand resident, it is solely your responsibility to obtain and maintain a valid and appropriate Australian visa which entitles you to participate in the course and you must always comply with any visa conditions.  
  • SMTC has no responsibility in relation to your obligations to maintain an appropriate visa and it is your responsibility to ensure you continue to be entitled to be in Australia during the in-person blocks. Please refer to the course details as outlined on the SMTC website  for the dates of the in-person blocks applicable to your intended course.

Please note that currently SMTC is not registered with CRICOS which means we are unable to support people from overseas wishing to study with us on a Student Visa. 



You must pay all course fees either:

  •  Upfront prior to course commencement;  
  • Or in two equal instalments of $AU 7000. If you choose this instalment option,  one payment would be prior to course commencement and the second instalment would be due no later than 6 months after the commencement date of  the course.