Our Trainers continue to support students, graduates and the wider Montessori Community not just in times of crisis but throughout the training course and after graduation as people begin the transition to working in different environments.  Below you will find some excerpts of e-mails, discussions and other resources which may assist you as we continue to negotiate our way through the different requirements and recommendations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

12 June 2020

The 3 to 3 Diploma students in Melbourne are in the process of transitioning back to the training room as they are able — with the understanding that they stay home and attend via Zoom if feeling unwell.  Thank you to all the students for their flexibility and good humour as they have made the move from being face to face in the same space, to being on line and now having a mixture of both! 

13 May 2020

3 to 6 Zoom discussion: As restrictions are gradually eased and we look at getting back to centres and schools now is a good time to reflect upon how we have met the NQS “remotely”. How have you observed, reflected and planned for learning and how might this translate into the mid year summary/report/parent-teacher discussion? 

5th May 2020
3 to 6 Zoom: Remote learning/learning from home follow up from April’s discussion
(some notes and links in preparation for Tuesday 5 May 2020, 1pm)


Montessori Pedagogical Guidelines for supporting learning at Home during COVID-19

14 April 2020
3 to 6 Zoom: Remote learning/learning from home: Discussion and brainstorming
Tuesday 14 April 2020, 1pm to 2pm

7 April, 2020
Dear All,

Over the last 2 weeks yet more changes have happened, some of the more positive ones being the announcement of funding for child care centres, kindergartens and other money available to help keep jobs open so when we finally get to the other side we don’t have to rebuild everything and start again.  (The ECA updates are helpful to keep abreast of these and how they might impact your service/centre).
We are looking at organising some different online meetings so people can have a bit of a debrief, pool ideas, connect and discuss the best (or better) ways to stay connected to the children and their families.
The difficulty perhaps all of us will face is finding a balance between hands on, concrete learning and experiences and not placing extra burden on parents who also need to work from home; the amount of screen time versus time to just explore and do your own thing (and what this might look like at home, if children and parents know how to work alongside each other, give each other some space etc).  
Remember, parents will no doubt also be stressed, exhausted and ready for a break.
Here are 2 articles from a parent’s perspective


Remember the relationship between you and the child and the one they have with their parent or main caregiver will also be different.  Remember the experience of being one in a group of many mixed age children will be very different to being a child at home (with or without siblings, with different needs, pressures and expectations).
I want to take the opportunity to remind you that the processes you put in place over this time will have an impact on those going forwards.  
The children will all be more dependent as the adult/child ratio at home is clearly very different, perhaps the patience and tolerance levels will be very different and the child and parent will be together 24 hours every day!!!
(Incidentally this is not just specific to the child aged 3 to 6 but to all ages — those with children in primary school, high school, year 12, even going into the university system with all  the uncertainties across those areas as well.)
Continue to stay well, make some time to sing and dance.
Be thankful that we have the luxury of internet access, of soap and running water and space to keep appropriately distanced.
For those who celebrate, Happy Easter and I look forward to catching up in the new Term however that looks and with all the challenges and creative solutions that may bring.

20 March 2020
Dear All,

Since I have been asked by different people/organisations for recommendations of websites in relation to Covid-19 and ways to support families, here is something I’ve put together which you are welcome to take things from or share as is with parents at your centre.

Most have been taken from posts already placed on the SMTC FB site or which are scheduled to go onto this page in the weeks ahead.

The Melbourne students are beginning the transition to work from home this week via the use of different on line systems such as Zoom.  They also have a WhatsApp group to help them stay in touch.  Have a think about how you might also stay in touch as different requirements are announced.  While it will be lovely to have some time to pause and take some time to catch up on all those things we might have put on hold for a while (books we meant to get around to reading, the odd cupboard that needs to be sorted, recipes we have been meaning to test…) also be mindful that some social interaction (albeit in possibly creative ways not involving physical face to face contact) is also helpful for general well being.

Different cultural events and activities have also moved on line so you might like to catch a performance of the MSO, the ballet, different musical ensembles as well as do virtual tours of museums and art galleries.  You can also while away some time looking at the animals at the zoo and aquarium!  Sit in the sun and day dream, roll around in the grass, learn some new poems, songs, games… Take the time to create different language materials (and feel free to share them!), take the time to revisit, practice or learn a new skill, take the opportunity to spend time with family and “really” get to know them again 🙂

Stay safe, stay in touch and all the best,