The First AMI Montessori School Administrators Certificate Course

On the 9 March, SMTC commenced the first AMI administrators certificate course in Australia. The course, which was inaugurated over seven years ago in China, has been a part of the AMI course offerings in many other parts of the world despite the fact that the course content was created here in Australia.

This course will conclude on 25 May, so as we near the end of the course we believe it is an opportunity to reflect on how things have gone so far. 

The full cohort of students in this course are mostly from Australia and New Zealand, however, we also have students from the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Morocco. There are highly experienced administrators with and without AMI training, business managers, curriculum coordinators, newly appointed heads of school, and others who are keen to join the administration of a Montessori school. The course is designed and tailored according to the individual’s own journey with weekly reflections, assignments and small group discussions, as well as one to two lectures per class. The course trainers, Bill Conway, Karen Bennetts and Pete Juds, each bring to the course their extensive administration and Montessori experience as well as their own Montessori training. They are enjoying the course and have also learned so much from the amazing cohort of students.

Students are currently submitting one of their three major assignments. The assignments include a “Journey Map”, an Observation Report, and a Strategic Plan. Every assignment is either a tool for reflection and personal growth, or a tool which can be used in one’s own school. 

We unfortunately had to turn a lot of people away as the course filled quickly, however, we are pleased to announce the second course in Australia will commence in February 2023. Watch out for more information and be sure to register quickly before the course fills up.