AMI Montessori Introduction to Adolescents

Course Description

The Association Montessori Internationale Introduction to Adolescents is a 5-week part-time online course designed to provide administrators, educators, parents and community members a broad, general understanding of foundational Montessori theory and methodology for working with adolescents ages 12–18 years. This course will discuss why it’s important to continue Montessori into the third plane and how things shift for the third from previous planes.

Sample  of Topics:

  • What Kind of Environment Supports Adolescent Development? 
  • The Nature of Work for the Adolescent 
  •  Levels of Independence in the Third Plane: Social and Economic Independence 
  • The Roles of Adults in the Environment for Adolescents 
  • The Importance of Self-Expression 
  • The Three-Stage Learning Cycle



AMI Montessori Certificate of Completion


Qualification Authorising Body

The Certificate is awarded by the Association Montessori Internationale and does not form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.
AMI is considered as the worldwide leader in Montessori education. Its certified training is acknowledged for its rigour and authenticity and the Certificate is internationally recognised.
The Certificate does not automatically qualify the holder to educate as a teacher’s aide or assistant. The State or Country in which the Certificate holder wishes to work may have other requirements that must be fulfilled.

Delivery Mode

This course will be delivered online. 
Live Q&A sessions will be delivered via Zoom. Course content will be available to view via pre-recorded lectures. Three pre-recorded lectures will be released on the Sunday following the Q&A sessions, participants will have until the following Saturday to view these lectures that will then be discussed at the Q&A session. 

The AMI Montessori Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who complete all of the following
requirements. You must;

  • maintain a minimum 90% attendance (your camera must be on and you need to be visible to the instructor to qualify as being in attendance); and
  • actively participate in the Q&A sessions demonstrating an understanding of the pre-recorded lectures

Course Schedule


Recommended reading for the course is provided below, no reporting or response required.

  • Appendix A in From Childhood to Adolescence
  • Appendix B in From Childhood to Adolescence
  • “Dr. Montessori’s Third Lecture given at the Montessori Congress in Oxford, England”


  • Laurie Ewert-Krocker


How to apply


Course Fees

$500 plus GST