Training of Trainers

Expressions of Interest invited for SMTC support

SMTC seeks expressions of interest from candidates aspiring to enter the AMI Training of Trainers program (ToT) with support, including financial support, from SMTC.

SMTC is Australia’s only AMI Affiliated Training Centre and all of our AMI courses are run by highly experienced AMI trainers who have completed the rigorous and transformational ToT program. The immense Montessori experience, understanding and skill of our trainers is a vital component of our high quality AMI Montessori courses.

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that is already fortunate to have one or more AMI trainers in each of the 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 age levels. SMTC also aims to have trainers at the 12-18 age level.  Supporting aspiring AMI Trainers at all age levels on their journey through the ToT program, is part of our strategy to ensure we are able to continue to provide access to AMI training in Australia in the long term.

The ToT program is invigorating, but can take many years to complete.  Any offer of support from SMTC will be subject to various requirements including (but not limited to) successful acceptance by AMI into the ToT.  The ToT admissions process is entirely independent of SMTC and subject to very specific requirements.  Details of AMI’s requirements for ToT entry are set out here: Become an AMI Teacher Trainer.    

The level and type of support offered by SMTC will be determined on a case by case basis giving consideration to the candidate’s personal situation and SMTC’s needs.  To express interest, applicants should email the following to SMTC [email protected]:

  • a short letter outlining the applicant’s reasons for aspiring to become an AMI Trainer and their work intentions were they to become an AMI Trainer in the future;
  • their CV including details of all academic qualifications and all work experience;
  • details of any experience in training or teaching of adults.

Further information is available by contacting us on 0451 309 620 or [email protected].