Big Work in Cosmic Education

19 March 2022   |   10AM-1PM
Trainer: Peter Erskine
Delivery: Online

Come along to discuss the roles of the adult and the child in the development of an intellectually and socially engaged community of learning.
What is the difference between big work and busy work?
What is the relationship between the human tendencies and big work?
What is the role of storytelling in helping children to understand their relationship with the world and their place within it?
What kinds of questions do we need to ask the children?
How do we start and encourage conversations in the classroom?
How can the Montessori teacher and other adults in the life of the second plane child help them explore rather than simply accumulate and memorise knoweldge?

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3-6 Workshop – Supporting All Children and  Meeting Their Needs

21 May 2022   |   6PM
Trainer: Amy Kirkham
Delivery: Online

“Inclusive education is the most effective way to give all children a fair chance to go to school, learn and develop the skills they need to thrive.”


Come to this workshop to explore what this means and what it might look like. Revisit the importance of observations and remember how observations can help you to help the child. Explore strategies and discuss appropriate ways to tailor presentations and activities so children are supported and their needs are met.

0-3 Assistant’s Workshop – The Prepared Environment for the Child Under 3

Saturday 18 June 2022  |  9:30AM-12:30PM
Trainer: Sara Brady
Delivery: Online

Creating a Montessori environment takes planning and preparation. Come and explore some important elements that ensure this environment meets the developmental needs of the child under the age of three. Reflect on the importance of the psychological environment as well as the physical one. Disuss the importance of recognising and removing obstacles, which hinder the child’s development. 

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3-6 Assistant’s Workshop

Tuesday 7 & 21 June 2022   |   6PM-7:30PM
Trainer: Amy Kirkham
Delivery: Online

As adults we are all “assistants” to the child — supporting them in their own self construction and development; providing just enough help and ensuring the environment has been prepared in order to meet their needs and interests.  Come along to this workshop to discover and remember different strategies you can use to help link the child back to the environment, to increase engagement and to be an effective and prepared adult.

Explore what your role and responsibility is in relation to preparing the environment and how you can also support the children to be an active member of the community who also engages in care of the environment.

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6-12 Assistant’s Workshop

Monday, 1 August 2022 and Tuesday, 2 August 2022   |   7:30PM-9PM
Trainer: Rebecca Dallam
Delivery: Online

Are you an assistant in a Montessori environment? Come along to a discussion and workshop to find out how you can support the children in your environment.  We will provide you with some strategies and reminders of how you can be an effective and prepared adult.

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Theory into Practice Series (TiPS)

TiPS is a new professional development series facilitated by SMTC’s AMI trainers. 
  • Are you looking for some practical tips to help you in your day-to-day work?
  • Were there some topics you wished you could have explored further during your training?

We are pleased to offer this professional development series to all Early Childhood Educators. 
Come along to our 1-hour online sessions  with 30min Q&A for extra support on how you can turn theory into practice.

 When:   The first Monday of each month
 Time:        7PM-8:30PM (1 hour presentation incorporating theory,  practical strategies with 30-minute Q&A)
 Audience:  Early Childhood Educators or anyone working with children
 Format:  Online, via Zoom (link sent upon registration)
 Cost:  $22 (GST included) per session
 Booking:  Click on the sessions you want to attend for the booking button

*Please note these sessions are not recorded. If you are unable to attend a booked TiPS session, please notify SMTC via email. If we are notified prior to the commencement of the booked TiPS session you will receive a credit towards a future TiPS session.