Course Fees (Courses commencing in 2023)

(Australian Dollars)
AMI Montessori Schools Administrator’s Course $1,900 online
$1,700 blended
AMI Montessori Orientation Course$1,400N/A
AMI Montessori 0-3 Diploma or
AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma
AMI Montessori 6-12 Diploma
(includes integrated AMI 3-6 Foundation course)
AMI Montessori Diploma 12-18 Diploma$15,000 $12,480
All course fees are quoted in Australian Dollars.
Bursaries and scholarship awards may result in further discounts off the course fees stated here.
* The three types of standard fee discounts are explained below.
If GST applies, it is additional to the course fees stated here. See below.

Fee Discounts Explained – AMI Diplomas

Did you know that SMTC offers 3 types of fee discounts off its AMI Diploma fees?

These discounts can substantially reduce the course fees payable.

Early bird$2,200 plus GSTSubmit an application and pay $550 deposit approximately 4 months prior to the course start date.
Orientation12-18: $700 plus GST

0-12: $1,300 plus GST
A student who undertakes an AMI Orientation Certificate with SMTC and then proceeds to a next commencing AMI Diploma in the same age-level.

The discount is equal to the fees that were paid for your enrolment the AMI Orientation with SMTC.

This is:
– $1,400 for 0-12 Orientations commencing after 1 October 2023.
– $1,300 for 0-12 Orientations commencing before 1 October 2023.
-$700 for 12-18 AMI Orientations (or the price paid for earlier AMI Introduction to Adolescent courses with SMTC).
Upfront payment2.5% of course fees dueA discount of 2.5% off the amount of course fees due where the entire course fee is paid at least 1 month prior to course commencement.
Scholarship and bursary awards may result in further discounts off course fees.
All 3 discounts can apply if the requirements for each are satisfied.

Payment approaches

Application fee

When applying for an AMI Diploma course a non-refundable $500 plus GST first instalment is payable upon application. This reduces the remaining course fees due. This amount is fully refundable in the event the student does not secure a place on the course or the course does not proceed.

Approach to payment

The remainder of the course fees (after the initial payment of $500 plus GST) may be paid upfront or by instalment at the student’s election.

Upfront fees option

Where paying upfront, fees are due 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course and a discount of 2.5% is applied (as outlined in the discounts section above).

Instalment Schedule

AMI Orientation and Administrator Courses

For AMI Orientation and Administrator Courses, we will consider custom plans in special circumstances to suit the situation by application to [email protected].

AMI Diploma Courses

AMI Diploma fees may be paid upfront or by instalment.

We offer a standard instalment plan with 11 instalment payments, being your deposit of $500 plus GST on application plus a further 10 equal monthly instalments.

In special circumstances, we also consider custom instalment plans to suit your needs by application to [email protected].

Our standard instalment plan:

INStalmentPayment timingAMOUNT
1Upon application$500 plus GST
2-1110 monthly instalments due on the 1st of each month for 10 consecutive months, commencing in the month prior to the course start date.10 instalments of the remaining course fees payable
All course fees are quoted in Australian Dollars


Where an AMI Diploma course commences in September, the first instalment would be due on 1 August and monthly thereafter for a further 9 months.

* All fees must be paid in full to sit course examinations

Other terms and conditions

AMI membership

It is an AMI requirement that all AMI Diploma students hold current membership with them for the duration of their course. AMI membership costs 40 Euro for a 12 month period. AMI requires that SMTC collect membership fees on their behalf. The AMI membership fees are in addition to the course fees and will be invoiced with your course fees unless you provide evidence of existing AMI Membership for the duration of the AMI Diploma.


GST is not payable when a student is undertaking a course/workshop that is offered completely online and, at the time of the course, is not in Australia and is not a resident of Australia. In all other situations, GST is payable on all courses/workshops.

International bank fees

If paying your invoice via international bank transfer an amount of $20 AUD will be automatically added to your invoice to cover the international bank transfer fees charged by our bank.

Our fees, cancellation and refund policy

All fees are subject to our Fees, Cancellation and Refund policy, available here:

Fees, cancellation and refund policy

AMI Diploma fees – Orientation Discount

Each student who completes an AMI Orientation Certificate with SMTC receives a tuition fee credit (in the amount outlined in the table above) toward tuition fees for the next AMI Diploma in the same age-level with SMTC.

Terms and Conditions

The credit is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Orientation Certificate and AMI Diploma must both be administered by SMTC;
  • Orientation Certificate and AMI Diploma must be the same age grouping (0-3, 3-6 or 6-12, 12-18);
  • The student must study the Orientation Certificate then the consecutive AMI Diploma being administered by SMTC to be eligible;
  • The student must satisfy the relevant AMI Diploma course admission requirements to order to join the relevant AMI Diploma course;
  • The credit is applied in respect of a single student and is non-transferable between students;  
  • If the student’s employer pays the Orientation fees and/or AMI Diploma tuition fees for the student, the credit still applies in respect of the tuition fees applicable in respect of that student;
  • The credit is applied against the final payment of the student’s AMI Diploma tuition fees.  If the student discontinues without making the final payment of tuition fees due and payable for the AMI Diploma, this voids the credit.
  • If the credit is not utilised in whole or part against the AMI Diploma tuition fees of the student, it is non-refundable and cannot be applied against other types of SMTC fees;