Theory into Practice Series (TiPS)

TiPS is a new professional development series facilitated by SMTC’s AMI trainers. 
  • Are you looking for some practical tips to help you in your day-to-day work?
  • Were there some topics you wished you could have explored further during your training?

We are pleased to offer this professional development series to all Early Childhood Educators.

Come along to our 1-hour online sessions  with 30min Q&A for extra support on how you can turn theory into practice.


When:  The first Monday of each month
Time:        7-8:30pm (1-hour presentation incorporating theory and practical strategies with a 30-minute Q&A)
Audience:  Educators working with children from birth to 12 years of age.  
Format:  Online, via Zoom (link sent upon registration)
Cost: $22 (GST included) per session
Booking: via the Book now button in each session.


*Please note these sessions are not recorded. If you are unable to attend a booked TiPS session, please notify SMTC via email. If we are notified prior to the commencement of the booked TiPS session you will receive a credit towards a future TiPS session.


TiPS Schedule 2022



Building Concentration

6 June 2022  |   7PM-8:30PM
Trainer: Amy Kirkham
Age group: 3-6 years

‘’A child who concentrates does not disturb others. The teacher must recognise the first moment of concentration and must not disturb it.’’ (The Child, society and the world). Come to explore strategies on how to protect work and how you can support the child by removing obstacles to concentration.

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Boredom and Activity

4 July 2022    7PM-8:30PM
Trainer: Rebecca Dallam
Age group: 6-12 years

“I’m bored”, says the child. What does that mean? Examine the who-what-when-where-why-and-how of activity for 6- to 12-year-old children, both at home and in the classroom. If your 6-12 child has ever said this, or a child in your 6-12 classroom has, this is for you!

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The 3 Rs for the Future, Plus One

1 August 2022   |   7PM-8:30PM
Trainer: Amy Kirkham
Age group: 3-6 years

Over time, “Resilence, Resourcefulness and Reciprocity” have come to replace the traditional 3 Rs of “Reading, wRiting and ‘Rithmetic”. Do we need to build these skills or does the child come with them? Should we in fact be including another “R”? Should we be focusing on building and supporting the ability to reflect, which then allows everything else to flourish? How are you helping the child (and yourself) with reflection?

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Supporting Social and Emotional Development

5 September 2022   |   7PM-8:30PM
Trainer: Julia Hilson
Age group: 0-3 years

Together we will look at the milestones in the first 5 years for social and emotional development, and discuss ways to support these key milestones.

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Effective Communication

3 October 2022   |   7PM-8:30PM
Trainer: Amy Kirkham
Age group: 3-6 years

Come along to discuss strategies of how to work with team members who may be on a “different page”, how to let go, create balance and find your ability to persevere and remain motivated in your work with the children.

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Risk In The Prepared Environment

7 November 2022   |   7PM-8:30PM
Trainer: Sara Brady
Age group: 0-3 years

Risk has not always been appreciated for the important role it plays in early childhood. By exposing the child to developmentally appropriate risk the child is able to learn to recognise and manage it. Come and discuss how to identify risks that naturally occur in the Montessori environment. Let’s discuss the importance of developmentally appropriate risk in early childhood.

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