Sponsorship Opportunities

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for financial contribution to training!

On occasion, a School or centre within our Montessori community may be in the privileged position of offering full or partial training sponsorship with the prospect of, or commitment to, employment at course completion. Five of the 2019 full-time AMI Montessori Primary 6-12 Diploma students were sponsored by Montessori schools.

We have at several Montessori schools  who are currently prepared to provide sponsorship for all or part of the tuition fees for one or more of the upcoming 6-12, 3-6 and 0-3 diplomas. The sponsorship would usually be linked to a commitment to work at the school either during and/or after completion of your diploma and the actual arrangements will vary from school to school. Considered applicants would have to have rights to work in Australia and at the 3-6 and 6-12 level already have their teaching degree.

Interested applicants should contact the organisations directly.




Any sponsorship opportunities we are aware of will be advertised here.