Do you offer online courses?
We offer many courses entirely online.  Our AMI Orientation courses are entirely online (with some local observation requirements in your area).  We also regularly run online workshops and AMI Refreshers.
All of our AMI Diplomas are in blended format, being a mixture of online and in-person blocks.
Is the AMI Orientation course new?
The AMI Orientation course has now been running for several years but was originally  known as the an AMI Assistant Certificate courses.  Here is an extract from AMI explaining this further:
“…it has been decided to rename the short courses that were originally named ‘Assistants Courses’. All short courses 60+ hours will be renamed Montessori Orientations.  Renaming courses previously called ‘Assistants Courses’ will remove the confusion between the Assistants to Infancy Diploma and Assistants Courses and will also be a more accurate description of what these courses offer.
In 2023, AMI made further changes in this area.  We now have an AMI Orientation course however students who have completed this can undertaken an additional and optional 20 hour Adjunct  which run in-person and focusses on practical skills for classroom assistants.
How widely is the AMI Diploma recognised?

The AMI Diploma issued by AMI is identical throughout the world, according to the level followed (0-3; 3-6; 6-12, 12-18). In some Countries, National, or Regional educational authorities may require additional qualifications to teach in the relevant age-level.

Do I have to pay the fees all at once?
As the AMI Orientation courses are short courses we request the full fee on enrolment however we can agree custom instalment plans on request.
For all of our AMI Diplomas, fees can be paid in instalments for the AMI Diploma courses.  We have standard instalment plans requiring 11 payments or custom instalment plans we agree with you to better suit your situation.    Please refer to the fees page for more information.
Which course should I study?
If you are looking for a general overview on how you can support children’s development, the AMI Orientation courses in the relevant age-level are a great starting point.  If you are considering a future career as an Educator you may like to enrol in our AMI Diploma courses.  For more information about each course, click on the individual course links.
How long are the different courses?
The AMI Orientation courses are 60 hours plus 9 hours of observations.  The AMI Diploma course is equivalent to one year full time study but we generally run them part time over 14 to 26 months, depending on the particular course and in-person block location.   The AMI Diploma courses include both observation and practice teaching hours in different environments.