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Study for a life-long career with an AMI Diploma whilst experiencing one of Australia’s cities (either Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth).

The Sydney Montessori Training Centre (SMTC) was founded to further the teaching principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Successful completion of the AMI Montessori Diploma opens up unrivalled career opportunities all over the world! The Montessori approach empowers educators to create a learning experience for the child that recognises uniqueness and individuality, nurturing the whole child and building mutual respect between the adult and child.

The main goal of the SMTC’s AMI program is to inspire, instruct, and cultivate Montessori teachers. As Montessori pedagogy focuses on the spiritual, psychological and cognitive realms of the child, our program also focuses on the preparation and transformation of the whole teacher as well as on the importance of the prepared environment. The program instills in our adult learners a deep respect for children and sensitivity to their needs and different styles of learning.

The programme include lectures, seminars, reading sessions covering Montessori philosophy and child development, as well as significant components of observation and supervised teaching practice using Montessori didactic materials.

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