AMI Montessori Refreshers

The AMI Montessori Refresher is a unique opportunity to participate in professional development within the Montessori community. This is an advanced training program designed to build on the knowledge gained from an AMI diploma, and update and extend the concepts in the relevant age-level for Montessori educators working with children.

Reconnecting with our training is important and enables us to be inspired all over again and to continue building our experience, practice and self.

We look forward to sharing our 2024 Refresher Schedule soon.

AMI 3-6 Refresher 2023 (Completed)

Less is more

AMI Trainer: Amy Kirkham
Date: Saturday 26 August and Saturday 9 September 2023
Times: 9 am-11.15am, 1.00pm to 3.15pm each day

Mode of delivery: Online

What is covered in “Less is More”:

With each passing year our lives seem to be filled with increasing distractions, problem solving and trying to fit more in.  BUT we also need to make time for pauses and silence.  

Join 3-6 AMI Trainer, Amy Kirkham, to consider:  

  • see how silence can help us to reflect, reset and reinspire not just ourselves but also the children; 
  • revisit the importance of the “silence game” and how we lead the children to this; 
  • discover the benefits of silence and let go of some of the “noise of life”; 
  • be refreshed!  

In addition, there will also be 7 hours asynchronous work which will include 4 hours reading and reflection and 3 hours of practical work to do with children between the 2 Saturday Sessions. 

We require that, to be eligible to receive a certificate for completing this workshop, participants must attend at least 90% of the session time and have their cameras on and be visible to enable interaction and participation.

Cost: $200 plus GST for an individual; 20% reduction for group bookings of 5 or more individuals (use discount code GROUP20 at checkout).

AMI 0-3 Refresher 2023 (Completed)

Compassion, Consistency & Confidence: Becoming the Adults our Children Need

AMI Trainer (Auxiliary): Molly Schayot from MINT in the USA
Date: Saturday 27 May and Sunday 28 May 2023 (Completed)
Times: 9 am-11.15am, 1.15pm to 3.30pm each day

Mode of delivery: Online

Join 0-3 AMI Trainer (Auxillary), Molly Schayot, from the Montessori Institute of North Texas in the USA as we reconnect with foundations of our training, work on ourselves as prepared adults and consider how to be the adults the children need.

The sessions will cover:

  • Compassion: How does adult self-care impact the way we think about and interact with children?
  • Consistency: How do physical and psychological order in the environment affect our daily interactions with the child?
  • Confidence: Can limit setting feel good? How can boundaries be a means of connecting with the child?
  • Where to from here: How can we spread the word to others about giving children and ourselves grace and compassion, while maintaining order and boundaries?

Cost: $200 plus GST for an individual; 20% reduction for group bookings of 5 or more individuals (use discount code REFRESHER20 at checkout).

Participant requirements for AMI Refreshers

We welcome those who have either:

  • an AMI diploma in the relevant age-level; or
  • a Montessori diploma in the relevant age-level and is working with children in a school, centre or classroom environment in roles such as leader, teacher, director, lead educator, educator leading learning support for children with special needs or similar roles.

If you are unsure if this program is right for you please contact us at [email protected] with any requests or questions.

Registrants are required to provide the following information:

  1. Training centre where you received your diploma.
  2. Year you received your diploma.
  3. Age-level of diploma
  4. Name of your current workplace
  5. Role at your current workplace
  6. Diploma number
  7. AMI membership number (if relevant)
  8. Email address of the registrant


Our SMTC AMI Refreshers involve approximately 8 hours of class time and 7 hours of preparation or individual work time outside of the sessions.


Participants completing the Refresher (including individual work) receive an AMI Refresher certificate. To be eligible to receive a certificate participants must have their camera on to enable interaction and participation.