Hear from our Students: Pamela Cusack

I was so thrilled to be able to participate in this refresher and to revisit and hear again the wonderful process of giving “keys” to our children to inspire them to want to learn more. By being a part of this process and being able to be in chat rooms with other trained AMI teachers the conversations were on track with the method we had been trained in and this was a perfect time to realign. 

Many times when in a Montessori environment that has a mixture of trained and untrained teachers, other methods and systems creep in as Amy outlined clearly. Amy was able to name some of these systems ,some of which were familiar to me here in New Zealand and others were in use in Australia and unknown to myself. By going over these systems and refreshing ourselves this course was so reaffirming that the  AMI method of teaching and guiding language, does cover all these other systems and delve deeper and higher  in a wonderful way.

Often the classroom gets so complicated with these other competitive systems and the love and fun of learning becomes so sadly placed on the back burner. The children and the teachers who know that the fun of the language games and inspiring story telling are missing because of these systems  being in use, really feel the loss. The well being of the people is in jeopardy.

This course has so inspired me to be braver when using the games and initiating story telling with the children to recreate the love of language and communication. Thank you so much Amy, AMI and all the teachers that were with us. May we reunite very soon.

Nga mihi nui,
Pamela Cusack
(2021 AMI Montessori Refresher Course)