Is My Montessori School Run Like a Montessori School?

By Bill Conway

The question is often asked; Does a Montessori school run differently from other schools? We certainly hope so, since the education experience for the children in Montessori schools is vastly different and thus requires a special touch by school leaders.

Participants in the AMI Montessori School Administrators Certificate course build their administration skills on a foundation of Montessori principles. These principles include the planes of development, the prepared adult, the prepared environment, freedom and discipline, and observation. Each is studied in the context of school administration to assure there is harmony between the genuine Montessori classroom’s function and the whole school administration.

Imagine how a school principal or centre director may apply these principles into their daily practice. For example, the children in the school are seen for their unique characteristics and tendencies common to their plane of development, rather than just a student number. The staff are led as ‘prepared adults’ within the school’s prepared environment, where freedom and responsibility stimulate an individual’s and community’s growth.

Practical skills in school administration are also an essential element in this course. Participants explore their school community within the wider community as another entire module of the course, honing one’s skills in building a positive and vibrant school community. The final module covers such things as leadership, strategic planning, working with your staff, implementing curriculum, and assuring quality practice.

This course is for anyone interested in Montessori school administration, whether you’re involved already as a school leader or aspiring to a role in administration.

* The next AMI Montessori School Administrators Certificate is in February 2023.