Graduate Profile: Sarah Breckenridge, AMI 0-3 Diploma

Q. Why did you do the AMI 0-3 Diploma? Were you already in education or were you in a different industry?  

At the time I was working as an Oncology nurse for the NSWCC and had previously been working as a paediatric nurse. I was keen to get back to working with children and looking for a more preventative health role. My children attended ISMS and I was told about a talk by Judi Orin for parents. Although my boys were in Stage 3 by this point I was interested from an academic point of view. It was at this talk that I learnt about the Diploma. 

Q. What is your biggest takeaway after completing the course?  

The immense capability of the youngest child and how adults both underestimate and hinder its development. I also learnt a deep respect for the child. 

Q. What was the biggest challenge while doing the 0-3 Diploma and how did you tackle it? 

Time. I don’t think I tackled the time issue as I had an extension to do my observations.

I suppose my advice to myself would have been to put in some boundaries around time and ensure I did the observations consistently every week. One solution was that I spent a week at a LDC observing 9-4pm everyday.


Q. What was the most enjoyable aspect of doing the course?  

Learning alongside a diverse like-minded group of people 

Q. As a parent, has the knowledge gained from the 0-3 Diploma affected the way you are as a parent? If so, how?  

My own children were teens by the time I did the course (in the third plane) and much of their behaviour mirrored that of the toddler. The Diploma helped me to listen, trust and be more respectful of my children. 

Q. How did the 0-3 Diploma change your life?  

It has changed me as a person and allowed me to grow in a more mindful manner as I constantly strive to be a “prepared adult”. The work I now do gives me immense joy and satisfaction plus I have come into contact with the most wonderful of communities. 

Q. What advice would you give to someone who is considering doing the course?  

Do it but start doing the observation component from the start and be consistent. This training has many challenges but equally many rewards – enjoy!