Foundations of Personality Development Workshop (the AMI 0-3 Diploma Personality Development Album)

When:Saturdays 2, 9 & 16 September and 21 October. 
9am – 1.15 pm AEST each day, AEDT on 21 October   
4 sessions of 4 hours including a short break
Convenor:Alejandra Rosas, 0–3 AMI Trainer
Designed for:As this is an update to a unit of the AMI 0-3 Diploma, AMI 0-3 Diploma holders (who have not undertaken this unit in their AMI 0-3 Diploma course)
Format:Live online via zoom
Cost:$420 (AUD) plus GST (GST is not applicable for non residents)
Group bookings of 5 or more from an organisation receive a 20% discount.  Use the discount code GROUP20 at checkout.
Attendance:All four sessions of the Foundations of Personality Development Workshop will be recorded. Therefore, there are two different options in which you can undertake this training. 
1. Attend a minimum of 90% of the live, online lectures with your camera on, at the scheduled times and dates. If you meet the attendance requirement you will receive a certificate from AMI
2. Attend as little, as much or none of the live, online lectures as you choose. If you fall below the minimum 90% attendance and do not have your camera on, or do not attend at all, you will not receive a certificate.

The registration cost for both these options is the same. 
Each of the four sessions will be recorded and made available for everyone, no matter how many live lectures you attend, for the 2 weeks following each lecture. 
We strongly encourage live attendance.  As we are all aware this promotes a stronger sense of community and enables discussion and collaboration. However, we do not want schedule clashes or time differences to be a hindrance to people obtaining the information from this workshop.
* this workshop is online starting at 9am AEST with the exception of the final session on 21 October which is starting at 9am AEDT. These are the timezones for Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra at the relevant times of the year.

As we move forward in time, it is fundamental that Montessori Education remains a scientific educational method that serves as an aid to life. As neuroscience makes advances in the understanding of brain development, we continue to deepen our knowledge of the essential characteristics and needs of the child during the period of self-construction.  Based on this information, which will continue to evolve and be revised as scientific knowledge makes headway, an update has been made to the 0-3 AMI Diploma curriculum. 

Formerly known as Child Neuropsychiatry Album, has been updated and renamed Foundation of Personality Development Album and is now taught as part of an AMI 0-3 Diploma. This album includes an overview of the development of emotions, language, movement, cognition, and social skills, among other fascinating topics; and has as an aim to acquire a deeper understanding of human development, whilst offering the adult tools to deepening his understanding of his own personality.   

The goal of this workshop is to provide participants an update of their AMI 0-3 Diploma album and offer them tools to make their work with children more meaningful as they transform their efforts into an authentic aid to life.